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The Snow Is Melting And Is Leaving Me Cold...

... Except For One Becon The Radiates Through My Heart...

Melted Snow Kitten Dreams
5 March
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Dreams Of One So Chaotic, Yet Beautifully Orchestrated Into Mellonchollie

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So, I figured it was about time I re-did this. Wrote it more like me and not a front.

I am many different people, all at once, yet not existing at all. My life is never constant. It is alway ways a maze of confusion and bad situations. Sometimes sprinkled with cotten candy bubbles of happines and love - just for effect and show.

I am chaotic and spontanious. But I'm true to the core and cause. To lie is to deny myself. And those of the experiance.

I am never really ever in one place.

If you could lable me, what would it be?

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